Absolutely thrilled to finally launch my latest collection – The Tree of Hope.

The inspiration behind the collection came to me during the lockdown in March 2020 in the UK.  We were allowed to go out walking each day and at this time of year – the trees were bare.  Tiny buds were beginning to show on the trees with the promise of spring beginning to show.  It was a really frightening time as we didn’t even know the effects of the Covid19 virus.  Not even the doctors, specialists and nurses really knew what they were dealing with but handled it amazingly well.  Sadly, many people lost their lives.  But with many measures put in place, the numbers began to reduce.

The Tree of Hope represents the strength, longevity and rebirth of the oak tree and how we can be inspired by the fact that trees live for many years – in fact, thousands of years.  Trees have lived through the centuries and have witnessed history as it happened – and still survived.

However, I’ve always loved trees – just for their shape, the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind, the falling leaves in the winter and the crisp frost on the bare branches in winter.

Perhaps you’d like to own one of my Tree of Hope pieces – or gift to a loved one.

These can be purchased online from the shop. The collection comprises of a pendant, drop earrings and a charm bracelet.  More additions to follow ….



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